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2020-07-17 Domestic travel restrictions Air Botswana the natoinal airline will resume domestic flights as of 17th of July... COVID19 Bulletin
2020-07-16 Limit public gatherings Cultural and traditional events may now be permitted to involve up to 50 people maintaining a distan... Botswana Government
2020-07-13 Limit public gatherings Botswana has further reduced public gathering restrictions by stating that a meeting, workshop and c... Government Gazette
2020-07-13 Closure of businesses and public services The government has announced the opening of the opening of the following arts and entertainment faci... Government Gazette
2020-07-13 Requirement to wear protective gear in public Persons must wear a face mask in attendance of all meetings, workshops and conferences as well as at... Government Gazette
2020-07-10 Economic measures Regulations have been set reagrding petroleum supply and purchase as supplies of this essential supp... Botswana Government
2020-07-09 Limit public gatherings Societies may meet and at any one time the number of persons attending a meeting shall not exceed 75... Government Gazette
2020-07-08 Limit public gatherings Spoting activities have been given the green light to go ahead as long as they follow the COVID-19 r... COVID19 Bulletin
2020-06-26 Other public health measures enforced Lifting up of the prohibition of the importation and sale of Tobacco or Tobacco related products in ... Botswana Government
2020-06-22 Schools closure  Non completing classes in the region will begin on the 22nd of June.... Minitry of education
2020-06-17 Schools closure  All public completing school classes (form 7, grade 3 and 5) in the Greater Gaborne Area will resume... Minitry of education
2020-06-17 Closure of businesses and public services Public institutions which were opening prior to the lockdown shall be reopened as of the 17th of Jun... Botswana Government
2020-06-16 Partial lockdown The lockdown of the Greater Gaborne Zone has been lifted as of midnight the 15th of June. ... Botswana Government
2020-06-16 Isolation and quarantine policies All those instructed to self quarantine after being in the Gaborne private hospital between the 8th ... Botswana Government
2020-06-16 Surveillance and monitoring Failure to use the bSafe digital regitrar by service providers will be deemed as non-compliance to ... Botswana Government
2020-06-14 Surveillance and monitoring B-safe contact tracing app has been launched.... Botswana Government
2020-06-13 Partial lockdown Botswana has declared a lockdown for the Greater Gaborone Zone as defined in the Schedule; with effe... Botswana Government Gazette
2020-06-13 Curfews People may leave their homes for essential services only between the hours of 08:00 and 20:00 in Gab... Botswana Government Gazette
2020-06-13 Domestic travel restrictions For the purposes of preventing, controlling or containing the spread of COVID-19, the country is her... Botswana Government Gazette
2020-06-13 Other public health measures enforced A liquor licence issued in terms of the Liquor Act is hereby suspended until further notice, all liq... Botswana Government Gazette
2020-06-13 Limit public gatherings Until further notice, a gathering of more than two persons is hereby prohibited... Botswana Government Gazette
2020-06-13 Schools closure  All schools in Gaborne area shall be closed until further notice. Those in boarding schools already ... Botswana Government Gazette
2020-06-13 Domestic travel restrictions Movement within Gaborne zone requires a permit.... Botswana Government
2020-06-10 Other public health measures enforced Sale of tobacco products remains suspended. ... Botswana Government
2020-06-05 Isolation and quarantine policies Persons returning to the country who are liable for quarantine will have to bear the costs. Returnin... Botswana Government
2020-06-04 Closure of businesses and public services Trading hours of specific businesses have been amended: some 08:00-22:00, some 06:00-22:00 and gas s... Botswana Government
2020-06-04 Schools closure  Pre-primary classes will open on the 4th of August.... Minitry of education
2020-06-02 Other public health measures enforced The public is advised that consumption of alcohol in the park or the use of picnic sites is suspende... Ministry of Information
2020-06-02 Schools closure  Public schools to reopen across the country for competing classes only as of June 2nd. Children must... All Africa
2020-06-02 Closure of businesses and public services Gaborone Game Reserve will be re-opened to the public on the 8th June 2020. Consumption of alcohol i... Botswana Government
2020-06-01 Closure of businesses and public services Revised operating times for airports due to reduced traffic. Find via link. ... Botswana Government
2020-05-29 Economic measures Company re-registration act has been extended from 3rd june to 3rd december... Botswana Government
2020-05-28 Other public health measures enforced Botswana outlines minimum requirements before reopening schools and specifies that private schools m... Ministry of Information
2020-05-22 Economic measures Government's economic response to the #COVID19 pandemic, a Loan Guarantee Scheme will be offerd to a... Botswana Government
2020-05-22 Emergency administrative structures activated or established E-REGISTER for businesses and organisations has been developed. The electronic register enables regi... Botswana Government
2020-05-21 Domestic travel restrictions Government will demarcate country into zones and people will need a permit to travel between zones, ... Botswana Government
2020-05-20 Closure of businesses and public services Botswana has further eased doing business in Botswana through legislation that regulates starting a ... Botswana Government
2020-05-20 Partial lockdown Phase 3 of lockdown has ended. People may now move freely without the use of permits withing their d... Botswana Government
2020-05-15 Emergency administrative structures activated or established A virtual tax management system is being launched in Botswana... Botswana Government
2020-05-15 Closure of businesses and public services Commercial banking and non-banking financial services may resume.... Botswana Government
2020-05-15 Limit public gatherings 75% of those working in public administration/governance may return to work under social distancing ... Botswana Government
2020-05-15 Surveillance and monitoring A green permit will be introduced on the 15th of May which will allow individuals to travel across c... Botswana Government
2020-05-15 Economic measures A stimulation programme has been initiated for targeting informal businesses affected by covid-19.... Botswana Government
2020-05-13 Economic measures The monetary policy committee has decided to reduce the primary reserve requirement from 5% to 2.5%.... Botswana Government
2020-05-11 Schools closure  Teaching and support staff from primary, secondary, tertiary, brigades and technical colleges will r... Botswana Government
2020-05-08 Limit public gatherings People may begin to apply for permits to return to work as the country begins opening up workplaces ... Botswana Government
2020-05-08 Closure of businesses and public services certain businesses and government bodies may operate at 25% of their staff from the 8th of may, with... Botswana Government
2020-05-08 Economic measures People who's vehicle licenses/driving licenses expire during the covid 19 period will not be charged... Botswana Government
2020-05-06 Other public health measures enforced The motions put forward by government in April pertaining to enforcing a 6 month state of emergency ... Botswana Government
2020-05-06 Partial lockdown Government extends lockdown until midnight 20th May.... Botswana Government
2020-05-01 Other public health measures enforced The Government of Botswana has issued legislation that makes it compulsory to wear masks/face coveri... Botswana Government
2020-05-01 Economic measures The monetary commitee of the bank of botswana have reduced bank rates by 50 basis points. Commercial... Botswana Government
2020-05-01 Partial lockdown The national lockdown period is to be extended by 1 week may1st -may 7th. Following this the lockdow... Botswana Government
2020-04-29 Emergency administrative structures activated or established Pre-primary, primary and secondary school education sylabus is now available online. And the Botswan... Botswana Government
2020-04-28 Other public health measures enforced The government has enforced level 2 water restrictions to ensure safe drinking water supply does not... Botswana Government
2020-04-25 Economic measures Botswana has developed a covid-19 economic response plan including the following focus areas: wage s... Botswana Government
2020-04-22 Economic measures Judges of the High Court, and Justices of the Court of Appeal have unanimously agreed to contribute ... Botswana Government
2020-04-16 Emergency administrative structures activated or established Business community can apply online for essential service permits to alllow them to conduct business... Botswana Government
2020-04-15 Changes in prison-related policies Botswana pardons 149 prisoners in an effort to decogest prisons. ... APA
2020-04-09 State of emergency declared The state of emergency already declared in Botswana on the 02/04 has been extended to a 6 month stat... Botswana Government
2020-04-05 Partial lockdown A new form is now required for anyone leaving their homes during the lockdown, this form applies for... Botswana Government
2020-04-03 State of emergency declared ... Ministry of Health
2020-04-03 Economic measures Government will provide a wage subsidy for citizen employees of businesses mostly affected by COVID-... Ministry of Health
2020-04-03 Partial lockdown All individuals across the country will be expected to adhere to a more severe form of social distan... Ministry of Health
2020-04-02 State of emergency declared ... Botswana Government
2020-04-02 Partial lockdown 28 day extreme social distancing will occur where people may only leave the home to perform essentia... Botswana Government
2020-04-02 Economic measures government will subsidize affected companies by paying 50% of their salaries... Botswana Government
2020-03-24 Border closure  All border crossing paths are closed with immediate effect. Citizens allowed to return home, but mus... VOA News
2020-03-24 Introduction of isolation and quarantine policies All people (only botswana residents & citizens perimitted) entering the country will be subjected to... Ministry of Health
2020-03-24 Isolation and quarantine policies All people (only botswana residents & citizens perimitted) entering the country will be subjected to... Ministry of Health
2020-03-21 Visa restrictions Botswana has halted the issuance of visas to to persons traveling from the COVID-19 affected countri... CGTN Africa
2020-03-20 Visa restrictions All travellers coming from high risk countries as defined by the WHO will not be granted entry into ... Ministry of Health
2020-03-20 Limit public gatherings All public gatherings of more than 10 people are prohibited. ... Ministry of Health
2020-03-20 International flights suspension International travel for all public officials, parastatals and state owned entities is prohibited. ... Ministry of Health
2020-03-20 General recommendations Public encouraged to cancel all non-essential travel. ... Ministry of Health
2020-03-19 General recommendations All travellers arriving in Botswana from high risk countries will be isolated for care if they have ... Government
2020-03-18 Testing policy Botswana has started testing for covid-19 in country, so they can process their own samples going fo... Xihau
2020-03-16 Limit public gatherings The government has suspended all public gatherings of more than 100 people and recommended that all ... Government
2020-03-13 International flights suspension All external trips by public officers, including the hosting of international events and conferences... MSN News
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